Does a Platform Monopolist Want Competition?, Review of Network Economics, forthcoming (working paper version)

For-Profit Search Platforms, with Art Shneyerov, International Economic Review, Volume 55, Issue 3, 2014, Pages 765-789 (Supplemental Appendix)
This paper is on the reading list of Jean Tirole’s “Topics in Industrial Organization” course at TSE.

“On Platforms, Incomplete Contracts, and Open Source Software”,  International Journal of Industrial Organization, Volume 31, Issue 6, November 2013, Pages 714- 722

Breaking Up a Research Consortium, with Jianjun Wu, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Volume 31, Issue 4, July 2013, 342-353

“Applying Markowitz’s Critical Line Algorithm”, with Daniel Niedermayer, 2010, “Handbook of Portfolio Construction: Contemporary Applications of Markowitz Techniques” edited by John Guerard, London: Springer (working paper versionprovided software)

Working Papers

Foreclosure Auctions, 2016, with Art Shneyerov and Pai Xu, submitted

Percentage Fees in Thin Markets: An Optimal Pricing Perspective, 2015, with Simon Loertschersupersedes our previous papers “Fee Setting Mechanisms/Intermediaries” and “Assessing the Performance of Simple Contracts Empirically”

Crises and Rating Agencies, 2015, with Petra Loerke, submitted

Career Concerns and Career Choice, 2015, with Marc Blatter

Work In Progress

International Comparison of Brokerage Fees, with David Genesove and Simon Loertscher

Competitive Nonlinear Pricing: Evidence from the French Automobile Industry, with Isis Durrmeyer and Artyom Shneyerov

Predatory Fee Setting, with Simon Loertscher

Previous Versions of Working Papers

Fee-Setting Mechanisms: On Optimal Pricing by Intermediaries and Indirect Taxation, with Simon Loertscher, supersedes our previous paper titled “When is Seller Price Setting with Linear Fees Optimal for Intermediaries?”

Assessing the Performance of Simple Contracts Empirically: The Case of Percentage Fees, with Simon Loertscher

Fee Setting Intermediaries: On Real Estate Agents, Stock Brokers, and Auction Houses, with Simon Loertscher


Other Work

Java vs. Microsoft: Compatibility, Innovation and Anti-Trust Law”, Extended Essay as part of the MSc Economics program, London School of Economics, 2003

Bank Regulation: Effects of the Capital Adequacy Requirements of the New Basel Accord”, Masters Thesis, University of Bern, 2002